Background Of Ivoire Organics

Ivoire Organics was set up in 2007 in order to promote the commercialization of high quality organic fruits and vegetables produced by hundredths of Ivorian small-scale farmers. The cooperative produces mainly fresh pineapples, coconuts, papayas, fresh and dried mangoes and a large variety of local vegetables; all grown according to organic and global gap standards.

The cooperative’s goal is to ensure transparent and producer-near procurement of organic fruit and vegetable and also guarantee that products are issued from organic farming procedures. In 2008, Ivoire Organics started exporting certified organic and global gap pineapples. Nowadays, other products such as mangoes and coconuts extend the range of the exportable certified organic products.

The incomes generated by the commercialization of global gap and organic certified products are invested in the improvement of the cooperative infrastructures, the purchase of agricultural machinery and the acquisition of appropriate packing stations.

Additionally, the cooperative offers purchase guaranty of a minimum volume at a minimum and fair price to each of its small-scale farmers. In return, farmers have to respect organic and global gap standards.

The aim is to improve the quality of its products thereby getting more chances to reach the demanding international organic market thus securing incomes for its farmers.