Ivoire Organics is a cooperative that promotes organic agriculture in Ivory Coast.
The cooperative was set up in 2007 in Bonoua, a small village located at about 50 Km from Abidjan- the Ivorian economic capital. About 400 small farmers and 32 employees make up the cooperative, being the first small-scale farmer association in the country certified according to the organic agriculture regulation EC 834/2007.

Generally, small-scale farmers do not have access to international markets. By supporting the production of high quality organic products, Ivoire Organics offers to its farmers the opportunity to reach the expanding international organic market and therefore guarantying a better income and standard of life to the farmers and their families.

Ivoire Organics thus contributes to the imperative shift from the purely yield-oriented and environmentally harmful conventional farming techniques to organic farming methods, which protect the environment and its biodiversity.